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The Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Competition is sponsored by the Sand Dollars of Huntington Beach. They have been hosting this competition since 1977. 

Sand Dollars are an unincorporated non profit association serving the City of Huntington Beach. Their purpose is to promote and coordinate civic improvement, community-wide cultural projects and good will.

Sand Dollar's Board of Directors is listed below:

June Dugmore

Stacy Massey
Vice President
Community Relations & Events

Jim Sankey
Vice President
Membership & Programs

Kim Farris
Miss HB Scholarship Competition

Linda Vircks

Diane Ermatinger

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Miss HB Competition History


The "Pageant" was originally founded in  Pacific City (now Huntington Beach) in 1904 when a young girl was chosen as "Miss Liberty" on the morning of July 4th. The Chamber of Commerce made the selection.

​In 1910 the name of the Pageant was changed to "Miss Huntington Beach" as the city became incorporated. 

​From 1910 to 1947, the Chamber of Commerce ran the Miss Huntington Beach Pageant.


​In 1947 the Chamber turned the Pageant over to the JC's who orchestrated the event until the JC's were disbanded in 1976.

​In 1977, the Sand Dollars (formed as the Women's Division of the Chamber) took over and began hosting the Miss HB Scholarship Pageant. 

In 2018, the Sand Dollars, revised the title of the pageant to the Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Competition to better match evolving programs being offered to contestants and title holders. 

The Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Competition looks for young women who are confident, intuitive, hard working and compassionate. Contestants should be service driven, have a sense of unique personal style and a drive to succeed.

Sand Dollars is an unincorporated charitable 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
All contributions are tax deductible. 

​EIN# 46-4812786

Visit their website at:  Sand Dollars of HB