Who Is Miss Huntington Beach?

The tradition of Miss Huntington Beach and Her Court spans over 100 years. Young women who wish to serve the community and providing a positive role model.

The program provides intelligent, ambitious young women the opportunity to win financial assistance to obtain their educational goals.

Scholarships are funded by donations received from local businesses, through the Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Competition, which is a program of the Sand Dollars of Huntington Beach Association.

The Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Competition is looking for young women who are confident, poised, intelligent, hard working and compassionate. They must possess good communication skills and adept at making others feel welcome in their company.

Miss Huntington Beach and Her Court should be active within the community and willing to make public appearances one or more times per month at civic and business events. They must maintain a level of dignity and decorum that their position implies.

Sponsor dollars go toward education expenses (tuition, books and supplies) for the college or trade school of their choice. Miss Huntington Beach and Her Court must have educational goals and a community platform in which she is involved.

The 2020 Miss HB Scholarship Competition is for young women between the ages of 18-28, as of September 1, 2020. Applicants must live, work or attend school in Huntington Beach for the past six months or more.

Competition Application

Miss Huntington Beach Contestant Application for our 2020-2021 Competition will be available January 2020!

Past Miss Huntington Beach Winners

  • Lily Orlando - 2018-2019
  • Alyssa Welfringer - 2017-2018  
  • Jena Jean Farris - 2016-2017  
  • Katherine Rose Cason - 2015-2016  
  • Claire Margaret Epting - 2014-2015  
  • Erin Mackenzie Burke - 2013-2014  
  • Hana Smith - 2011-2012   
  • Cassie Cotarelo - 2010-2011   
  • Kate Brewster - 2009-2010  
  • Cayce Crowder - 2008-2010  
  • Erin Nicole Britt - 2007-2008  
  • Summer Dawn Maue - 2006-2007  
  • Nicole Smith - 2005-2006  
  • Ruth Sylvia Stainer - 2004-2005  
  • Lynette Marie Hibben - 2003-2004  
  • Randi Lynn Galbraith - 2002-2003  
  • Aimee Nicole Thissen - 2001-2002  
  • Katie Ma Plummer - 2000-2001