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Jena Farris, 2016-2017

Jena Farris, 2016-2017

"The Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Pageant is more than just a competition. We are extremely fortunate to have an organization that provides a financial opportunity for young women in our community, not only to help advance their educational goals but to pursue their dreams." 

Erin Mckensie Burke, 2014-2015

"Professionally, educationally, socially, physically, emotionally - pardon the numerous adverbs, but it is incredible in how many ways the Miss HB Scholarship Pageant has changed my life for the better!

Professionally: the experience I have gained in interpersonal and public communications through this program has given me the necessary skills and confidence to pursue my career goals.

Educationally: the generous scholarship I was awarded has helped me to complete my Bachelors Degree at CSULB, and pushed me forward toward my Master's Program.

Socially: the relationships I have gained through this program are immeasurable, with life long friendships developing with both the incredible young women of this year's court and the hardworking staff behind the scenes.

Physically: my platform, "Parks Make Life Better" has brought tremendous awareness to the importance of recreational programs.

Emotionally: overall, the Miss HB Scholarship Pageant has illustrated to me the type of woman I should aspirer to be."

Hana Smith, 2013

"Not only did I receive a very helpful scholarship for the University of California at Irvine, I was given the opportunity to do more, including the opportunity to sing to 800+ brand new Army recruits, was able to raise over $700 for my "hope for Japan" fundraiser. Carrying this title gave me the extra ability to make that much more of an impact in this beautiful city of Huntington Beach."

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Lynette Marie Hibben, Miss HB 2003

Lynnette Marie Hibben, 2003

"Never before have I received so much support and love from such a diverse group of people in the community. I would not trade anything from this past year for the world!"

Randi Galbraith, 2002

"On the night of February 16th, 2002, I found myself standing in the middle of the stage at HBHS being crowned Miss Huntington Beach 2002. Little did I know, at that time, that this event would change my life. In a period of one year, I grew into a stronger, better person. I learned more about myself than I ever have in my life."

Aimee Nicole Thiessen, 2001

"Bring crowned Miss Huntington Beach 2001 was a personal dream come true and a wonderful memory of my last year as a teenager. I have received over $2,000 in scholarships - what a blessing! Thank you to everyone who made my year as Miss HB so memorable and exciting."

Minglie Chen, 1997

"When my name was called to serve as Miss Huntington Beach 1997, I received much more than the title. I came to realize and appreciate the purpose and the program of the Miss HB Scholarship organization. I encountered more positive and inspiring people than I could have hoped for. I never imagined the plentiful opportunities and honors the title of Miss HB had in store for me."